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  Medical Swat Tourniquet TM
1) We Would also like to introduce Medical Swat- Tourniquet Pressure Dressing/ Elastic Bandage multi use medical device designed to treat a variety of life threatening injuries for military/ Paramilitary forces and Tactics team. 
2) It is 100% effective at stopping arterial blood flow when injured during combats.
3) It allows a more rapid mean to control extremity bleeding and it’s ease of application is one of the greatest benefits: Individuals can effectively apply it in seconds with little to no prior training. Its name provides a description of usage stretch, Wrap and Tuck.
4) It is completely Latex- Free and is reusable. This can be to help close and protect wounds, contain abdominal-contents in evisceration, or to assist in stabilization of the pelvis in blunt pelvic trauma Swat-Tourniquet to be applied when bleeding is serve and loss of life is greatest concern.
5) Swat-Tourniquet is designed to be used as standard Military Issue. In terms of cost, multifunctional intuitive, less training, space etc it is the best in the world.
Specification Of swat- Medical Tourniquet for Indian Defence
1) Length- 54 Inch
2) Widht-4 Inch
3) Tensile Strength -2250 PSI
4) Operational temp-53 to82 degree cel
5) IT should be made of non-latex Material Polyisopropelyne
6) IT should be made 100% effective in stopping arterial bleeding
7) IT should be completely latex-free and Re-usable
8) The weight of the tourniquet should not exceed 95 GMS
9) Product Usage: Stretch, Wrap & Tuck
10) Can be easily Applied Within seconds with little to no prior training
11) It Should be multipurpose tourniquet/ pressure dressing for variety of life threating injuries
12) The entire length of the device should be printed with visual shapes/markers to indicate tourniquet & pressure dressing
13) The device should be applicable to children with small limbs, service animals, and obese individual

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