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  Soldier's Tactical Advantage Kit
The Soldier’s Tactical Advantage Kit (STAKTM) contains 8 essential components for extreme environments. It is specifically designed to support soldiers in critical situations where survival, evasion, resistance and escape techniques must be used. The kit contains a one-handed fire starter with all-weather tinder, an unbreakable signal mirror, a high-decibel whistle, snaplights, a compass, a small flashlight with tactical lighting capabilities (UV, red, and green filters) and a knife, all in a compact, waterproof kit.
Compact and lightweight
The STAK weighs less than a pound and can easily be stored in a tactical vest, pack, or anywhere a soldier may need it.
Crushproof and watertight
The HardCache carrying case is made of fiberglass-reinforced ABS resin and features a closed-cell neoprene o-ring that seals out water - no matter how harsh the conditions. The compact Aqua bag has been tested by the Navy to depths of 200 feet.
Includes all the essential items a soldier could need The STAK includes light sources and tools for building a fire,
signaling, cutting, and navigation.

BlastMatch™ Fire Starter : Designed for all-weather use, this patented, onehanded fire starter generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match.

WetFire™ Tinder : WetFire™ Tinder is an advanced non-toxic fire starting material that is odorless, smokeless, and burns even when wet.
StarFlash® Signal Mirror : The StarFlash® is far lighter than glass, is virtually indestructible, and boasts trademarked StarFlash® technology that enables you to aim the flash as far as the eye can see with pinpoint accuracy.
JetScream™ Whistle : This low profile, pea-less whistle focuses manmade air streams through harmonically tuned chambers to create a piercing shriek up to 122 decibels that is audible over most natural and manmade noises.
OmniGlow™ Lightsticks, One Green : Lightweight and portable, OmniGlow lightsticks are activated by simply snapping and shaking. Infrared light sticks emit a distinct thermal image not visible to the naked eye for use with night vision
Brunton® 28NL Compass : The Micro™ baseplate 28NL compass is compact and provides cardinal points and a millimeter scale.
Streamlight® Key-mate® Flashlight : This tiny LED flashlight from Streamlight® is bright, tough, and remarkably handy. This compact light has a super-bright 100,000-hour LED and is made of virtually unbreakable machined aircraft
Key-Mate® Lens Filter Kit, One Red, One Green, One Infrared : Lens filters are made of durable, flexible material that is molded for a tight fit but can be removed easily. This kit gives the soldier a variety of tactical lighting options.
SuperKnife™ Folding Utility Knife : This compact knife is sharp, efficient, and locks for safety.

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